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More about Lotta

I work with couples and individuals and I have been running groups and residential workshops for over 15 years as part of my practice . I have had a particular interest in parenting and in discovering ourselves through the lens of our relationship with our children. Being Swedish and living in the UK since 1992 has contributed to a personal and professional interest in difference and multicultural experiences. 

Before becoming a psychotherapist  I was a lawyer practising Swedish law in Sweden and later in London.

My role at Homa is to support the course tutors and supervise the work they carry out. I am really delighted to be involved in this programme and to play a role in a training involving experiential learning and personal awareness as well as an academic underpinning. Fundamentally, I believe this is the route not simply to learn about therapy but to actually become a therapist.

I am married to Nick and we have two adult daughters.

My heart sings when I swim in the velvet water of a Swedish lake.

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