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therapy training london


We are the people who will teach and support you at Homa

As a team, we have years of personal experience and knowledge as psychotherapists. We run our own successful practices, working with individuals, couples, young people and groups. We are all committed to our own ongoing personal growth and development and life-long learning. 


We are a professional community, many of us have known each other for decades. For some of us, our connection extends as far back as our formative psychotherapy training years. 

We are at our best when we work as part of a team. Homa is the culmination of a life-long pursuit for connection and purpose; creating a community of like minded professionals, working together to empower ourselves and those who dream of becoming psychotherapists.


We want to see you grow and succeed. Running Homa and training psychotherapists isn’t just what we do for a living; it's what we love, it's what we live, it's who we are.

counselling and psychotherapy training london

Sophie Boss

Course Tutor

MBACP (Accred)

I ran my first group in 2000. A psycho-educational workshop for women exploring their relationship with food and their bodies. As I sat in the first session, I knew that I had landed in my professional home. For the first time I felt completely confident, congruent and delighted by my work.


I find writing and leading psycho-educational and therapeutic groups exciting and moving. This work challenges me to be the very best of myself, to be present and to connect with people in a way that is deeply satisfying. 

I rose through the management ranks at Marks and Spencer in the 80s and worked as a secondary school teacher in the 90s read more ...

counselling and psychotherapy training london

Jane Fraser

Course Tutor

  UKCP (Accred)

MBACP (Accred)

Prior to becoming a psychotherapist I worked in technology ranging from the introduction of the first breast screening systems in the NHS to the first SMS text messaging to Radio 1.  I really belonged, I liked what good technology changes could bring.  


It was after I started personal therapy I began to realise I was loving my head but missing my heart.  


I’m an observer and I recall watching with interest how therapists engaged with clients and with me.  How did they know what to do? Just as I would look at technology for practical solutions I started to look at therapeutic solutions for what wasn’t working in my personal life... read more ...

counselling and psychotherapy training london

Roberta Musillo

Course Tutor


I was born with a furious desire to move forward, run wild and be the sole leader of my life. I have always felt an enormous pull towards meaning, beauty and truth. 


From the age of seven I trained as a classical dancer while having an academic education in Rome, my native city.  Dancing trained me in precision, attention to detail and a deep respect for the body. Dancing taught me that knowledge, creativity and intelligence don’t come from the brain alone but from the entire body


My education instilled in me the love of learning and the pursuit of meaning as well as a strong work ethic, discipline and seriousness.  Read more ...

counselling and psychotherapy training london

Emma Marlin

Course Tutor


Therapy is one of the most important things that ever happened to me. I arrived at my first therapist’s door as a young woman in my late 20s without the first idea about how to shape a satisfying life for myself. What I still remember most is that I was met with authenticity, intelligence, and generosity of spirit.


At the time I was a successful journalist for UK magazines such as Sugar, New Woman, and Cosmopolitan - a career I would pursue for several years more. But in my heart, I dreamed of making a real difference in people’s lives - the way my therapist had in mine.


I may have had a ‘glamorous’ job but it lacked purpose.

Read more ...

counselling and psychotherapy training london

Izzy Pope

Course Tutor


I am absolutely delighted to be part of this team of hugely experienced therapists starting this training. And I love supporting others to learn about themselves and who they will uniquely become as therapists.  


I first sought therapy for myself in 2007. I was living on the outside what looked liked a perfectly satisfying life. I was happily married, had two young children, lived in a decent part of town, etc, but I was not happy and my repeated behaviours, patterns in relationships and how I related to myself were causing me deep distress. I knew that I didn’t want to live this way but I didn’t know how to change. It was pointed out to me that I could use some support and I found myself signing up for an anger workshop at Spectrum

read more ...

counselling and psychotherapy training london

Ben Gold

Tutor in Training


Trainee Member 


Over the past 20 years, I have undertaken training in psychotherapy, anger management, leadership and parenting coaching alongside my full time job in IT consulting. This year I have joined the Person Centred psychotherapy training at Metanoia to complete my training and graduate in 2024. 


In 1999 I participated in The Mankind Project, an intense men’s personal development weekend. From that experience, I discovered my passion for working with parents, supporting them with their parenting challenges. I have been running parenting groups and working with couples since 2008. Read more ...

counselling and psychotherapy training london

Audrey Boss

Training Co-ordinator & Movement Teacher

I have been working as a mindful eating, body neutral coach and trainer for 20 years as well as teaching Open Floor embodied movement practice since 2015.


In a previous life I ran my own event production company and I freelanced as a project manager on international R&D projects. 


I enjoy putting all the skills I have developed to good use, ensuring that the Homa training runs smoothly.

As a movement teacher, I also bring awareness through moving the body into the training. 

I will be  your read more ...

counselling and psychotherapy training london

Emma Rich 

Guest Tutor

I design and lead the Homa Eco-therapy programme.


Nature has always been my greatest teacher and companion. I would slip away from school to wade thigh deep in a nearby stream, utterly absorbed and content to meander for hours in secret correspondence with that earthly cosmology. I make sense to myself when I am outside and the world makes sense again. As the poet Mary Oliver says, ‘For me the door to the woods is the door to the temple’ read more...

counselling and psychotherapy training london

Neil Young 

Guest Tutor

I am part of the tutor team designing and leading the Homa Sex, Sexuality & Gender programme. 


I am a dreamer and a grafter – an optimist who loves to imagine new ways of

doing things and then find ways to make this happen. I am also driven by a desire to live in a more just, humane and loving world.

Over the years I have been a trainer/facilitator, photographer, stand-up comedian, project- event-research-and youth-work manager and queer community advocate: in 1999 I founded Mosaic LGBT+ Young Person’s Trust in northwest London and I worked as an LGBT advisor for the first two Mayors of London.

read more

counselling and psychotherapy training london

Dr Aileen Alleyne 

External Diversity Consultant Supervisor

I am a UKCP registered psychodynamic psychotherapist, clinical supervisor and organisational consultant.  In addition to running my private practice, I am  a visiting lecturer at several training institutions and a consultant on issues of race and cultural diversity within various workplace settings, such as the NHS, Social Services, Education, and the Police Services.


My clinical research examining black workers’ experiences in three institutional settings, makes a significant contribution to the discourse on race. 


counselling and psychotherapy training london

Julia Naish

Training Curriculum Consultant

I am Programme Consultant in the content and delivery of Homa's training curriculum.


I have been involved in psychotherapy and counselling for nearly forty years.  During that time I have been a client, an individual and couples psychotherapist, an individual and group supervisor, a staff member at Spectrum, and Director of Training for Spectrum Training.  I was a team member on the Spectrum training programme on a number of year-long and shorter courses. I am a senior BACP-accredited psychotherapist and individual supervisor.  read more...

counselling and psychotherapy training london

Lotta Kitchen

Training Team


I first became involved in personal development in 1993 and I started my therapy training in 1999 by attending the Counselling Skills Course at Spectrum, a centre for humanistic psychology and practice based in London. Subsequently I completed the Spectrum therapy training and I became a UKCP accredited psychotherapist.

I started practising in 2002 and in 2004 I began working as a psychotherapist at Spectrum which became the home for my practice. Working at Spectrum gave me a community and a support for my work to grow and flourish. In 2009 I became one of the leaders for the Counselling Skills Course at Spectrum. read more...

counselling and psychotherapy training london

Trupti Magecha

Guest Tutor

I design and lead the creative approach to Homa’s Anti Racism programme. 


I am an art psychotherapist with 18 years of experience in community development, professional photography and television broadcast. As an established film maker I have made documentaries for the BBC and Channel Four covering a range of themes including immigration, race and internet child pornography. I am proud that I was able to part of the team that made the BAFTA award winning series 'The Tower: A Tale of Two Cities'. read more

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