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The Aims of This Policy

Homa has developed this Admissions Policy in order to inform and support all applicants through the admission process.


  • To ensure that Homa establishes and maintains clear policies and procedures for the admission of applicants to our Training Programme and Foundation Year that are fair, clear, explicit and accessible.

  • To ensure that Homa admissions decisions are made by assessing applicants consistently and fairly.

  • To ensure that no one receives less favourable treatment on grounds of any protected characteristic.

  • To ensure that disabled trainees are enabled to access and participate in our programmes of study whenever possible and that applications from people with disabilities, learning difficulties and particular learning needs are encouraged.


The Scope of This Policy

This Admissions Policy outlines the processes and information relating to the admission of applicants to The Homa Training Programme and The Foundation Year.

Roles and Responsibilities

The Homa Admissions Team

The Homa Admissions Team is responsible for guiding applicants to The Training Programme and The Foundation Year through the admissions process.


This includes:

  1. Providing applicants with information about accessing application forms.

  2. Collating completed application forms.

  3. Booking attendance at Introductory Workshop Days and interviews.

  4. Answering queries with respect to Homa and the Training such as: admissions process and general programme details such as duration, content, and fees.


The Homa Admissions Team is responsible for administering the applicant registration process including inputting enrolment information and payments, checking and recording identification documents and processing references.


The authority to admit applicants to the Homa Training  Programme or The Foundation Year is held by the Homa Admissions Team.


The Homa Admissions Team is made up of the Course Tutors and the Training Co-ordinator.



  1. Applicants must ensure that they provide full, complete and accurate information to The Admissions Team, and do not omit any relevant information. They must provide additional information if this is asked for by the Admissions Team.

  2. Applicants must attend the Introductory Workshop Day and interviews.

  3. Applicants must respect the deadlines set for submitting applications and for responding to offers.

  4. Applicants who do not meet their responsibilities to the Homa Admissions Team may be denied admission or have their offers withdrawn.


Our Admissions Policy

Homa considers applicants to The Training Programme  or The Foundation Year, solely on the basis of their merit, ability and potential.

There are eighteen places on the The Foundation Year starting January 2022. Places for the Foundation Year only are limited.


All applications will be treated with confidentiality and recorded in accordance with our GDPR policy.


Homa welcomes applications from people with disabilities, from Black people and People of Colour, from anyone who does not identify as white and from the LGBTQIA+ community.


Homa aims to admit all applicants who meet (in their application and interview) a reasonable expectation of completing the training and achieving the outcomes required.


Homa aims to treat all applicants as individuals fairly; we make adjustments wherever possible to our admissions process as well as to our course delivery, aiming to meet the needs of all applicants.


Entry Requirements

  • The Homa Training Programme and the Foundation Year are open to people with or without any formal qualifications.

  • Personal maturity and the ability to cope with the emotional, intellectual and time demands of the course.

  • A commitment to undertake a minimum of 40 hours of personal therapy per year, throughout the duration of the Foundation Year and the Training Programme.

  • The commitment and ability to complete 120 client hours through a suitable placement from Year 3.

  • A commitment to undertake fortnightly supervision while seeing clients from Year 3.

  • A commitment to attend every training day. 


The Admissions Process

  • Applicants complete the Homa Training Programme or Foundation Year application form.

  • The application form is reviewed by the The Homa Admissions Team to assess entry requirements.

  • Applicants are invited to attend an in person interview.

  • Interviews are designed to create a reflective and supportive environment and will include a series of standardised questions as well as questions based on the individual application.

  • Applicants will be informed in writing about the outcome of the interview.

  • In some cases, applicants may be invited to a further individual interview with a member of the admissions team before a decision is made.

  • Feedback about the interview will be offered to any unsuccessful applicants with the aim of supporting their successful application in the future.

  • Successful applicants will be offered a place, subject to references.

  • Once the applicant has received their offer, they accept in writing and pay the fees to secure their place.

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