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Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy


Everything you need to know about the
Homa Humanistic Psychotherapy Training Programme 

  • How do I apply for the training?
    You can apply to join the Homa Psychotherapy Training at any time throughout the year. Applications close on 15 November. The Foundation Year starts every January. There are a maximum of 16 spaces available. Here are the steps to follow if you would like to apply: Step 1 Attend an Introductory Workshop Step 2 Complete the Homa Training Application Form (the link will be sent to you after the workshop) Step 3 The Homa Training Co-ordinator will contact you to confirm that we have received your completed application. Step 4 We will invite you to an interview. We interview candidates throughout the year. Step 5 You attend the interview with two Course Tutors. Step 6 After the interview, we will contact you in writing to offer you a place on the course or to suggest the next steps. Step 7 Contact us by email to accept or decline your place and pay a deposit to secure your place.
  • Do I need specific qualifications to apply for the training?
    You do not need any academic qualifications at all to be accepted on the Homa Training. We are interested in you whatever your academic background.
  • Will I have to write essays and are there exams?
    In order to successfully complete the Homa Psychotherapy Training and be awarded the Diploma in Psychotherapy and Counselling you will submit regular assignments. These are reflections of your personal and professional learning of the work you are doing in the group and in your voluntary placement. While many of these will take the form of written work for most trainees, we are open to the assignments being submitted as oral recordings or recorded verbal interviews, if a trainee has difficulties with writing essays. The assignments are not expected to be presented as formal, academic essays. You will not be asked to reference or annotate your work in accordance with university-style written papers. There will be various assignments and projects throughout the training which will be presented through a mixture of written, audio, visual and other creative media. In the Fourth Year, trainees produce a biographical assignment which draws together all their work in one Life Story. If you choose to apply for accreditation by the BACP you will be required to write four essays as part of their application process. Your Personal Tutor will guide and support you through this process.
  • Is the training only for people who want to be psychotherapists?
    The Homa Training Programme blends personal and professional development. The Foundation Year is equally suitable for people who know they want to work as psychotherapists as it is for those who are interested for their own personal or professional growth. The Foundation Year content makes it suitable for any professional looking to develop their personal and interpersonal skills for use in their professional relationships, whatever their type of work. The Foundation Year is for anyone who would like to understand themselves better, have more meaningful relationships and live more deeply satisfying lives. On successful completion of the Foundation Year participants are eligible to join the Homa Psychotherapy Training Programme (years 2-4).
  • Can I do the Foundation Year as a stand alone course
    The short answer to this question is yes, The Foundation Year can be taken as a stand alone course. The Foundation Year is for you if you are looking to develop your interpersonal relationship and communication skills for use in your professional setting, whatever your type of work. The Foundation Year can lead to increased confidence, capacity to self-regulate, to form and hold boundaries and to express yourself clearly and effectively. You don’t have to be sure that you want to train as a psychotherapist when you start the Foundation Year. This one year course is an opportunity to find out more about yourself and what it might mean for you to be a psychotherapist. If, on completion of the Foundation Year, you decide that you would like to become a trainee, you can then apply to join the full training programme and continue into Years 2 to 4. Places for the Foundation Year as a stand alone course are limited.
  • Is the training recognised by a professional body?
    The Homa Psychotherapy Training Programme satisfies all the current criteria for individual accreditation set by the BACP - British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy. Below are the current BACP accreditation criteria as of January 2021. You can apply for accreditation as a Counsellor/Psychotherapist once you have achieved Registered Member MBACP status and as soon as you believe you meet all the criteria. Homa trainees will be ready to apply for accreditation after completing the four year training and the required client hours. You will have to be able to demonstrate a combination of training, client hours and reflective practice. You don't have to apply by a specific deadline – your training doesn’t ‘run out’ or ‘expire’. When you apply and throughout the BACP assessment process, you must: 1. Be a registered member of BACP. 2. Be practising as a counsellor and/or psychotherapist. You must have been in practice for at least three years when you apply for accreditation. 3. Have undertaken training as follows: Successfully completed and received an award for practitioner training that: - Included at least 450 hours of tutor contact hours. - Was carried out over at least two years (part-time) or one year (full-time). - Had a supervised placement as an integral part of the training. - Covered theory, skills, professional issues and personal development. - Have at least 450 hours of supervised practice accumulated within three to six years (they do not have to be consecutive years). - Of the 450 hours at least 150 of the hours of supervised practice must be after the successful completion of your BACP accredited course or practitioner training, which are calculated from the date on the award certificate. - Have an ongoing current contract for counselling/psychotherapy supervision for a minimum of 1.5 hours per month - Have been supervised for at least 1.5 hours per month throughout the period of practice submitted. You will also have to submit reflective writing demonstrating your self-awareness, knowledge and understanding. You can download a detailed brochure explaining the BACP Individual Accreditation Process HERE
  • How much does the training cost?
    Fees Foundation Year - £7,500 Year 2 - £7,500 Year 3 - £6,500 Year 4 - £5,500 Total 124 training days = 744 hours Each training year's fees are payable on acceptance of your place for that year. It is possible to pay in instalments, by agreement. We offer a substantial bursary of up to 75% of the fees. Please see the information on bursaries in the next tab. You can choose to join The Foundation Year for personal or professional development without being a trainee. There are limited places each year for the Foundation Year only. If you join as a trainee, you will need to allow for the following costs on top of the course fees. Training Advisor Meetings - You will have a minimum of three, one hour meetings per year, one per term. You or your Training Advisor may request additional meetings if needed. The cost per meeting is £75. Personal Psychotherapy - Forty sessions per year for the duration of your training. The cost of individual therapy varies. Professional Supervision (From Year 3) - The exact number of supervision hours will depend on your client hours and costs vary. Most organisations offer supervision free of charge to their volunteer practitioners.
  • Do you offer any bursaries or help with fees?
    Bursaries It is central to the Homa ethos to welcome and support anyone who wants to become a psychotherapist and has the commitment and motivation needed. We are committed to making our training accessible to people who want to enter the profession and do not have the means to cover the full cost of the training. If you have the desire, commitment and motivation but do not have the funds to cover the full fees, please do apply. The bursary is offered in the form of reduced training fees of up to a maximum of 75% of the annual course fee. A full bursary would make the total training fees for the four-year programme £5,750 payable over the course of the four years. Personal Tutor meetings, personal therapy and supervision are additional costs not covered by the bursary. It is also possible to find these at reduced fees, and this would be the responsibility of the trainee. The bursary will be discussed at the interview stage and is based on a set of criteria and a conversation. The bursary criteria include: Historical or current discrimination. Your financial wealth. Your access to income and financial wealth, both current and anticipated. People counting on your financial livelihood including dependents, family and community members. In addition, you will have experienced at least one of the following: You attended a non-selective, state secondary school from year 7 Received free school meals Your parents or carers were in receipt of state benefits Please let us know in your application if you need a bursary in order to participate in the course. If you have any questions or would like to discuss the bursary before you apply, please contact us, we are happy to arrange a telephone conversation.
  • Can I pay the fees in instalments?
    Instalment Plans It is possible to arrange an instalment plan to pay the fees monthly by direct debit, by agreement with Homa. Please speak to us if you would like to arrange this. We do not charge any additional fees or percentage for this option, as long as the payments are made in accordance with the agreement.
  • Who do I get in touch with if I have questions?
    You are welcome to contact Audrey, Homa's Training Co-ordinator by email at or by phone on 07538 138503. She can arrange for you to speak to one of the Course Tutors if you have questions about the training. You can also contact us via the contact form HERE
  • If I have completed a Foundation Course at another training organisation can I skip the Homa Foundation Year?
    The Homa Foundation Year is a unique experiential training offering you a powerful year of personal and professional exploration, enquiry and growth. As it is the foundation stone of the Homa training it is not possible to miss this year. All trainees are expected to start from the Foundation Year and cannot skip straight to Year 2.
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