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Please follow the guidelines below when submitting an audio, video or hand written application.

  • Ensure that you make your voice or video recordings in a quite, undisturbed place. The aim is for there to be as little background noise as possible. We recommend that you use headphones with an inbuilt mic if possible.

  • Please start your recording with the following sentence:

  • "Application for the Homa Foundation Year [insert start year]."

  • Record the questions as well as your answers. Record the question first then leave a brief pause before recording your answer.

  • Please leave a brief pause between each question and answer.

  • While we want your recordings to be natural, please be aware of speaking clearly.

  • Your brief auto biography recording should be between 5 and 7 minutes long. 

  • Save your video or audio file and name it: YOURFIRSTNAME_YOURLASTNAME_FY23_APPLICATION.  Email the file to

  • If you are submitting a hand written application, please either scan it and email it to or post it to: Homa Training, 26 Lloyd Baker Street, London WC1X 9 AW

If you have any questions about the application process, do get in touch.

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