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More about Jane

The one big difference, to find my way with a therapy lens, I needed more of me.  


It wasn’t easy as I had to learn to connect my head with my heart and answer the question 'How do you feel?', without having to think about the answer first, but to scan my heart.


I found more personal confidence and interest and even more curiosity.  My curiosity took me towards a new professional life.


After 25 years in technology I changed direction and I am now accredited by both the UKCP and BACP.  Along the way I gained a more satisfying personal life too through getting to know myself better.


I like being around thought and experience and I am a coach at heart.  Being a tutor to new humanistic psychotherapists is exciting and rewarding.  


Making new stories is important to me and keeps me curious and engaged.  So I occasionally set myself a challenge or two and enjoy learning what is possible.  What can start as a dream can lead to a variety of experiences and a lot of satisfaction.

Psychotherapy Qualifications and Training

I trained as a Humanistic Psychotherapist at Spectrum, the then largest centre and practice for Humanistic Psychology in Europe and a UKCP accredited organisation. I have a Diploma and Spectrum accreditation as a Humanistic Psychotherapist. I am also accredited with both the UKCP and the BACP.

My training has included the following:

  • UKCP Accreditation 

  • BACP Accreditation 

  • Spectrum Accreditation 

  • Spectrum Diploma in Humanistic Psychology

  • Spectrum Post Graduate Psychotherapy

  • 15 years of Spectrum Post Graduate Continuation Course in Psychotherapy (2007-21)

  • Certificate in Counselling Skills (OCR)

  • Online Therapy

  • Brief Therapy

  • Spirit of Enquiry

  • Anger in the therapy room

  • Working with Anger

  • Working with Shame

  • Working with Survivors of Childhod Sexual Abuse

  • Childhood Sexual Abuse, Occurrence and Prevention

  • Re-parenting

  • Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Sexuality Programme

  • Developing Clinical Skills

  • Mapping Psychotherapy

  • Gestalt Theory and Practice

  • Transforming Relationships - Formative Psychology

  • Persecutor, Victim, Rescuer, Leveller

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