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More about Emma

As a young woman I experienced a powerful initiatory dream which called me to the healing arts. In response I turned towards the wisdom schools, meditation, yoga, bodywork, shamanism and rites of passage. This led me to study with many different teachers in various traditions around the world. Looking back I see how that dream set me on the path I have been following my whole life.

When I returned to the United Kingdom I begin working with a Jungian psychotherapist. Here I found the mythological traditions and symbolic vocabulary to comprehend and integrate my experiences. I soon recognised this was also my vocation and trained as an integrative psychotherapist at Regents University in London.

I continued to foster my earlier interest in initiatory rites of passage work which led to me co-facilitating the ‘Women in Power’ process for several years. During this time I also began an apprenticeship in the ‘All Nations’ sweat lodge ceremony. Ceremonial sweats have been practised for millennia in many cultures around the world. The All Nations ceremony was gifted by a widely respected Lakota holy person to Non Lakota peoples to enable them to participate in this sacred ceremony safely and ethically. After seven years I was given permission to take the seat of ‘the water pourer’; one who holds the ceremony.

Ancient, pan cultural ceremonies such as the lodge and the wild nature vigil have the potential to wake us up from the painful delusion that we are separate, superior beings. They invite personal and collective healing, awakening us to a wider ecological consciousness. Time and space to remember the things we didn’t know we had forgotten.

I am keenly aware that words can only take us so far. Where words end, the ancient wisdom of embodied experience begins. An essential element of healing is that we experience a sense of safety in our own bodies and for me, one of the most powerful doorway’s to that is the practice of non stylised and environmental movement. Engaging in the movement of life we remember our inherent wildness, our creatureliness and the elemental kinship between our human body and the breathing, animate earth.

I work in London and Wales with both individuals and groups offering psychotherapy, somatic movement therapy, Earthtongue retreats for women, lodge ceremonies and wild vigils.

 Qualifications and Training

UKCP Accreditation
BACP Member
Diploma in Post Graduate Integrative Psychotherapy Regents University Masters in Integrative Psychotherapy Regents University
Walk of Life Continuation with Helen Poynor
Walk of Life training in Non Stylised and Environmental Movement Independent Movement Artist Mentorship
Organic Intelligence Practitioner
Water Pourer ‘All Nations’ Stone People Lodge
Cruse Bereavement Care
Suicide Bereavement Group Facilitator
Co facilitator Women in Power
BFT Shadow Work
Eco Therapy Confer Trainings
Shamanic / Rites of Passage / Wild Vigils (various trainings)
Advita student with Ramesh Balsekar
Dynamic Yoga Apprenticeship at Windfire Yoga with Godfrey Devereux Holistic Massage Therapist M.T.I.

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