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More about Ben

I joined The Mankind Project Leader Track and have staffed over 65 weekend workshops, over 20 of these as a co-leader, jointly responsible with another 3 men for 50 staff and 40 participants at each weekend. These training weekends have been a fantastic opportunity for me to develop my skills as a leader, to give and receive feedback, sitting before a European recertification panel every two years.


When my children were younger, I ran weekends for fathers and children for over 10 years. I loved being in nature, seeing the excitement and fun had by everyone when the usual shackles of city living were set aside for the weekend, with my own son or daughter by my side. I created a space where fathers were able to be with their children lighting fires, using penknives to whittle sticks, creating simple rites of passage rituals.


Going back into formal psychotherapy training has been a big step for me at the age of 54 and I am once again discovering that the journey of personal growth never really ends. I continue to learn more about myself and how I show up in the world. Being a part of Homa and providing a similar opportunity to others is a privilege.

Psychotherapy Qualifications and Training

I began my training as a Humanistic Psychotherapist in 2004 at Spectrum, the then largest centre and practice for Humanistic Psychology in Europe and a UKCP accredited organisation. This year I have joined The Metanoia Institute in the second year, to complete my training.


As part of my training at Spectrum I completed the following courses:

  • Cert 1 year course in psychotherapy (2004)

  • Cert 1 year continuation course in psychotherapy 

  • Postgraduate course in psychotherapy 

  • Postgraduate continuation course in psychotherapy  (2007 to 2012)

  • Basic sexuality course

  • Working with anger 

  • Working with groups 

Other Training and Qualifications

I am currently a Trainee Member of UKCP and in the third year, studying Person Centred Psychotherapy at The Metanoia Institute.


I have participated in a National Coalition Building Institute (NCBI) Workshop on Diversity and Inclusion.

I have been a Leader in The Mankind Project since 2009 - I have completed the Leader Trainings 1, 2 &3 and Psychodrama Facilitation.


I completed the a two year course at the British Association of Anger Management - BAAM (2007, 2008)

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