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The Lonely Therapist

The last thing I ever expected to experience as a therapist was loneliness. My week is full of people and yet I sometimes feel a bit isolated.

On Mondays and Tuesdays

I work with clients online, from home. I try to create some structure for myself. I build in tea breaks and a lunch hour, but honestly, it’s not much fun. I sit on my own, listening to the radio or scrolling through my socials. Sometimes, I get to the end of the day and realise I haven’t had a conversation with anyone that wasn’t a client on zoom.

On Thursdays and Fridays

I practice from a room in town. I get on the bus and travel to work. It feels good to get out of the house, even if I’m commuting. My room is comfortable and I really like the place, but I rarely see another therapist! There’s a little kitchenette where I can make myself tea, but nowhere to hang out. When I do sit at the tiny table for a few minutes, I never say more than a quick “hello” to anyone.

I go out to lunch on the high street, which is better, but more expensive, than being alone in my kitchen. It’s still pretty lonely though, I miss the sense of community and being part of something that I had at my office job.

Being a therapist can be a bit lonely

I’d love to have people to exchange with about the business of being a therapist too. How to get more clients, where to advertise, how much to charge, what cancellation policy I should have. My supervisor is great for clinical work but they don’t get involved in the business side of my practice.

I love my work as a therapist, love working with clients. I find it  challenging (in a good way!) and rewarding but I really struggle with the isolation and the loneliness. I wasn’t prepared for this.

Another way: The Connected Therapist

At HOMA we know the value of community and connection

Homa tutors have known each other for decades, first training together and then meeting in post-graduate and continued professional development groups for 15 or more years.

Your Therapy Family

Your peers are more than a professional network. They are the group of people you start training with on day one. People who you will have been learning and growing alongside for four years. You will get to know them so well they might well feel like family! The HOMA cohorts are closed year groups who work intensively on their personal and professional development together, creating a bond that can last a lifetime.

The HOMA Post Graduate Programme

After the four year training, if you join the Homa Post Graduate Programme, you and your peers will meet as a group for two days each term, with your tutors, and you'll continue to develop and grow as a psychotherapist. This ongoing connection with people who know you so well, provides unrivalled support.

In addition, two days each year we gather as a whole group of Homa graduates from all years which allows us to network and build even wider connections. Homa tutors and graduates believe in collaboration, regularly referring clients to each other. By supporting each other we all grow our practices and our professional lives can feel fulfilling and satisfying.

We encourage Homa graduates to form peer groups for mutual support and connection as well as for sharing ideas, information and continued development.

In Year 4 you will learn The Business of Therapy.

You’ll work out what kind of therapist you want to be. Where you want to work and how you want to work. You’ll explore your relationship with money, how much to charge, how to manage cancellations, how to write your profile and where to advertise. And more. You will have time and space to work out what suits you best; working from home, being part of a practice which offers community and connection or maybe even creating your own centre by yourself or with some of your peers.

Stay connected and thrive

At Homa there is always someone in the dining room to have lunch with, or a colleague to have a chat with over coffee in the morning. We have regular practitioner meetings, there are peer supervision groups and seasonal parties, just for the pleasure of being together. We’ve had film nights and other social events. Not only are these moments of gathering fun, they mean we are part of a team, we have people to talk to about the trials and tribulations and the celebrations and joys of our chosen profession.

The HOMA therapist: ready for business, supported, connected

Being a therapist with a flourishing practice isn’t just about being a skilful psychotherapist (though that's very important of course!). That’s why we have created a training which not only equips you with all the skills and knowledge you need to become a psychotherapist but also ensures that you have the resources and support to manage your therapy business. You can be part of a community of peers who will be there to encourage, advise and support you all the way and who will have your back for many years to come.

 to find out if the Homa Psychotherapy and Counselling Diploma is the right course for you

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