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Is Homa the right training for you? How to choose Psychotherapy Training

How do you go about selecting the right organisation to train as a psychotherapist? There are so many different psychotherapy and counselling training courses to choose from in and around London. How do you decide which one is best for you?

It can be quite confusing once you start researching all the different options available to work out which one will suit you best.

Here are some questions to help you find out how to choose the right psychotherapy course and if HOMA might be the right psychotherapy training for you.

Answer each of the questions below with yes, mostly, no or mostly not.

  1. Do you think you would enjoy a non-academic, experiential approach to learning?

  2. Would you like to have the choice in how you hand in your assignments and coursework in a variety of formats including written work, audio or video recordings and art?

  3. Are you willing to commit to 100% attendance and participate in an exclusively in-person training?

  4. Are you self-motivated and interested in developing your own self-awareness and self-knowledge?

  5. Are you interested in Eco-Therapy and how we relate to the more-than-human and other-than-human?

  6. Are you willing to take risks and make mistakes?

  7. Would you like to explore and learn using art therapy and embodied movement as well as talking therapy?

  8. Are you interested in what it means to be a psychotherapist in the twenty-first century and in exploring questions about the way in which we work with therapy and counselling clients?

  9. Are you willing to have difficult conversations about racism, sexism, homophobia, ageism, and ableism in the therapy room and to explore your prejudices and assumptions about people who are different to you?

  10. Are you looking for a deeply relational approach to psychotherapy and psychotherapy training?

If you have answered Yes to most of these questions, then the HOMA Psychotherapy Training might well be the right one for you.

Are you ready for the next step?

Come to an Introductory Workshop where you will meet the tutors, experience the HOMA approach to psychotherapy training first-hand. There will also be time to ask questions and look around the Homa centre.

Next workshop: 7th February 2023 6.30 - 8pm at Homa, 26 Lloyd Baker Street, London WC1X 9AW.


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