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10 excellent reasons to choose Homa's deeply experiential style of psychotherapy training

  1. You are invited to use your imagination and creativity

  2. Your life experience and perspectives are a valuable part of the learning process

  3. Your mistakes become valuable, positive experiences

  4. You will develop the capacity for reflective practice

  5. Your ability to communicate effectively will soar

  6. You have more agency to direct your learning

  7. You become the teacher as well as the learner

  8. You have access to real-time support and feedback

  9. You learn by doing, feeling and sensing as well as by talking, listening, thinking and reading

  10. You will experience connection, transformation and fun!

Homa blends academic teaching, experiential and skills-based learning and personal awareness.

You will develop yourself and your skills through group work, individual coaching, reflective course work and a supervised voluntary placement. In all experiential work, you will be invited to bring your personal material, which supports you to engage and remain focussed on your own development. Your course assignments draw on the use of written, audio, visual and other creative media.

You will learn through being in relationship...

...with yourself, with your mind, your emotions and your body, with your fellow trainees, the group and the leaders, with the natural world and with the wider community. The Homa curriculum is delivered through the experience of engaging in these relationships with curiosity, openness and honesty. You will develop the ability and skills to create meaningful and transformative relationships, which you will take into your work with clients.


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