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More about Sophie

… both of which have gave me valuable experience and a toolkit of skills. I went on to train at Spectrum in 2003 where I qualified as a Humanistic Psychotherapist in 2011. Alongside my training, I home educated my two children, with my partner Ben, until they went to school in their teens. I love being in a long term relationship and being a parent. I am so grateful for the challenges these relationships have offered me; to reevaluate old beliefs, to change ingrained patterns of behaviour, to trust myself and my children.


In 2000 I created an organisation with my sister Audrey, called Beyond Chocolate, to empower women to know and trust their bodies. We authored two books, created online courses, built a thriving community and designed and lead psycho-educational and therapeutic workshops attended by hundreds of women every year. We train professionals to work with people who struggle with eating and body image and run retreats in Italy. This work is in my bones. I spent too many years in the spell of Diet Culture, addicted to its promises. Today I am part of a counter culture which actively challenges the fat phobic, health obsessed world we live in.


In 2007 I started working as a psychotherapist and over the past 14 years I have built a thriving practice which includes working online since 2010 and Walk & Talk Therapy. Alongside my Individual client practice, I run two ongoing women's groups and a parenting group. I have lead workshops on anger, fear, self awareness and many other topics. 


In 2007 I went on a women's weekend called Women in Power, a not-for-profit organisation which provides initiatory experiences for women. This work cracked me open. I rediscovered  a  part of myself that I had known but had not ever truly understood or allowed, through ancient rituals and a deep connection to the earth. I discovered my wildness, my willingness to be vulnerable and my huge capacity for connection and love. It also introduced me to the work of Carl Jung, exploring myself through my shadows and the archetypes.  I am currently a Director of Women in Power and have been staff coordinator since 2010, leading teams of over 45 women. 


Empowerment has been my calling for the past 20 years. Empowering myself first and foremost. I work tirelessly to grow myself up, to know myself, to take responsibility for how I show up in the world and for my relationships with those around me. I have a huge appetite for reading and research. I am committed to my own education as a life-long process. I am determined to live a satisfying and meaningful life, to walk in freedom and to hold space for others to do the same. 

Psychotherapy Qualifications and Training

I trained as a Humanistic Psychotherapist at Spectrum, the then largest centre and practice for Humanistic Psychology in Europe and a UKCP accredited organisation. I have been awarded a Diploma in Psychotherapy and Counselling. I am an accredited Member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (MBACP Accred).

  • BACP Accreditation

  • Spectrum Accreditation

  • Spectrum Diploma in Humanistic Psychology

  • Spectrum Postgraduate Course in Psychotherapy

  • 16 years of Post Graduate Continuation Course in Psychotherapy (2006-21)

  • OCR Certificate in Counselling Skills

  • Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Sexuality

  • Anger in the Therapy Room

  • Working with Groups

  • A Group about Groups

  • The Heart of Parenting

  • Action Techniques

  • Childhood Sexual Abuse

  • Developing Clinical Skills

  • Re-parenting

  • Gestalt – Theory and Practice

  • Professional Seminars

  • Psychotherapy Online & Telephone

  • Brief Therapy

  • Ins and Outs of Anger

  • Relationship Making

  • PVRL


Other Training and Qualifications

I am currently training with Pink Therapy - Certificate of Study: Essentials in GSRD Therapy for Cis Het Clinicians 

I have participated in a National Coalition Building Institute (NCBI) Workshop on Diversity and Inclusion.

I have completed the Shadow Work - Basic Facilitator Training (BFT). Shadow Work is a facilitated processes that allows individuals to explore and change  behaviour patterns. Based on Cliff Barry's synthesis of ancient and modern tools, Shadow Work uses a four-directional map of the mind to identify and work through our shadows.

I have trained to lead The Heart of Parenting courses and ongoing parenting groups.

I have trained as a Walk Leader with Natural England. I have a PGCE in Education and have completed 2 years of a Masters in Education with the Open University.

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